Things to know for how to become a security guard

First, I would like to say congrats on your final decision to begin your career as a security guard!
Become a security guard is very challenging, and maybe you are the right person with the profession.

You need to know that security guard training requirements vary from state to state, but by this post I am going to inform you the common requirements of becoming a security guard in many of areas so you can make it as a guidance.

Essential Information

Things to know for how to become a security guard

Security guards monitor sites to avoid theft, vandalism, fire and other dangerous situations. They are responsible for maintaining the safety of employees, residents, guests and all people within an assigned location.

Security guards may be required to use force against violators, and some guards are armed with handguns, handcuffs, pepper spray and other law enforcement tools.

  • Required Education: High school diploma, postsecondary degree or certificate recommended
  • Other Requirements: State registration, licensure for firearms, on-the-job training
  • Average Salary in 2014: $28,040 (Location Affects Salary)

Security Guard Requirements


In many countries, security guards area unit needed to get licensure. Eligibility varies by state, however most licensure candidates should be eighteen or older, have a clean list and pass a drug take a look at. Security guards is also needed to finish formal coaching in an exceedingly room setting. Licensure qualifications area unit typically stricter for armed security guards, World Health Organization should additionally acquire firearms licensure.

Education Requirements

There are not any strict education necessities for turning into a watcher. Employers like better to rent candidates with a minimum of highschool diplomas or the equivalent. Some positions, like those in casino security or investigation, need postsecondary degrees or certificates.


Some community schools and technical colleges provide watcher coaching programs that cause certificates. several of those programs area unit designed to satisfy state licensure necessities, and vary long in line with state laws. They usually incorporates a military training course that covers tending, patrol techniques, disaster response, control and ethics, among alternative elementary topics. Certificate programs' curricula may additionally  incorporate active, sensible coaching on job sites and yearly continued education courses.

Undergraduate Degree

Certain employers might like candidates with postsecondary degrees. college boy degrees in criminal justice, enforcement science or alternative applicable fields might provide security guards associate degree whip hand within the explore for employment. Associate of subject field in Criminal Justice programs, as an example, prepare students for entry-level positions in enforcement. Courses might embody investigation techniques, security management, psychology, juvenile justice and legal code.

On-The-Job coaching

Security guards usually acquire instruction on the task, during which case coaching period and depth vary by leader and job duties. they'll learn protection and defense ways, similarly as a way to write reports, deliver tending and handle emergency things. Security guards World Health Organization carry weapons typically complete additional thorough coaching than those that area unit unarmed, and that they might learn piece safety and force laws. those that add high-security settings usually endure in depth coaching followed by strict oversight on the task.

American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International Training Guidelines

Some employers implement the coaching standards set forth by ASIS International, that recommends that trainees receive forty eight hours of instruction within the 1st a hundred days of service. underneath ASIS International pointers, trainees should pass examinations that assess proficiency in topics like crime interference, emergency procedures, proof management and report writing. they'll even be needed to finish annual continued education courses.

Employment Outlook and Salary Info

In might 2014, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reportable that security guards attained a mean hourly wage of $13.48, or $28,040 annually. Jobs for security guards were foretold by the BLS to grow twelve-tone system from 2012-2022, chiefly thanks to the continued want for defense of property and folks.

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