Armed Security Guard Requirements

Recently we've posted articles about the Security Guard Job Description, and now I am going to explain some important points of armed security guard requirements that you have to know if you have decided to become a security guard as you wish.

Armed Security Guard Requirements

The state of Colorado needs associate degreeyone operating as an armed watchman in their state to use for and hold a legitimate Colorado armed watchman license. this allows the armed watchman to figure inside the state in numerous fields of employment.

The licensing within the state of Colorado is finished on a town by town level, instead of a wide  level. this implies once applying for associate degree armed watchman license it'll be applied for at town Clerk’s workplace and therefore the application fee paid at this workplace. the govt rules that regulate the safety guard within the state of Colorado is Article V, Chapter 42.

Applying for associate degree armed watchman license suggests that there'll be a needed background check, fingerprints are submitted and alternative data. there'll even be the requirement to use for a allow to hold a gun.

Armed Security Guard Requirements

The application necessities are

  • The mortal should be a minimum of eighteen years old-time
  • There will be 3 letters of reference submitted from non-family members
  • The mortal can would like a letter of intent; this is often a letter from a security company that may rent the person once they need nonheritable associate degree armed watchman license. This letter will detail their duties, the date they'll be employed and therefore the location.
  • There will be proof of a background check submitted with the application; this can be a kind that's obtained from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. this type can ought to be completed inside thirty days of the appliance submission.
  • There will ought to be a health certificate submitted inside sixty days to point out the mortal is free from any health issues that might have an effect on their ability to perform their duties as a watchman. This certificate has to be obtained from a commissioned medical man or medical man assistant.
  • The make, model and registration number of any personal vehicle that may be used for work functions.
  • A valid Colorado driver’s license or a legitimate Colorado State identification card.
  • A valid Social Security card variety are submitted once applying for a Colorado armed guard license.

In the state of Colorado there area unit laws regarding the weapons a watchman is allowed to hold, this includes a knife with a blade that's but three inches long, one canister of mace or similar compound. The mace is barely allowable to be utilized in protective the safety guard or another person from injury or hurt. it's going to even be wont to forestall the commission of a crime.

The security guard is allowable to hold an evening stick on a requirement belt, and therefore the night stick should not be longer than twenty six inches long and no over one in diameter. the safety guard that carries a club can take associate degreed pass an eight hour coaching course to be educated a way to use the club and therefore the impact it'll have once used on another person. the safety guard that carries a club can solely use it to forestall injury, defend another person or stop the commission of a crime.

Security guards that cause injury throughout their duty with the utilization of physical force or cause the injury with any weapon can submit a study in complete detail of the incident to the Department of Excise and Licenses inside three days.

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The coaching that associate degree armed watchman has obtainable to them can create the work a stress free surroundings, as a result of the education received throughout coaching can prepare armed security guards to handle differing types of things.

Training can embrace education in

  • Communication skills
  • Crowd management
  • Ethics and legal problems
  • Emergency things coaching
  • Health and safety
  • Legal use of force
  • Detainment of suspects
  • Report writing

The armed watchman will train and be certified to hold a small-arm within the state of Colorado. the utilization fields that area unit hospitable the commissioned armed watchman is each non-public and public and embrace places like:

  • Airports, bus and train stations
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and faculties
  • Malls and alternative public buildings
  • Government offices
  • Private offices
  • Banks and alternative monetary establishments
  • Housing areas and housing buildings
  • Private security for people

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