Security Guard Job Description

If you are planning to become a security guard you may wonder what is the security guard job description that you have to know before you begin your step for becoming a security guard. At the time you may not know much about the security guard responsibility.

Security Guard Job Description


You may need to know what do security guards do, so please read this detail below.

What do security guards do?

Security guard job description

Does going on the quiet to nab dangerous guys sound sort of a dream job to you? Then you may be stunned to find out that you just will score employment catching thieves, terrorists and arsonists - and you do not even need to be a peace officer.

Security guards area unit employed by businesses, casinos, hospitals, stores, banks, atomic energy plants and alternative organizations to assist deter ill-gotten activities. you may be observance a bank of TV monitors all night, longing for suspicious activity. otherwise you may be stationed at a building's exterior door, checking IDs and salutation folks that get into. As a watcher you will need to understand the law, grasp your employer's rules and be able to enforce each.

Most corporations rent security personnel to figure round the clock, creating this a good part-time job with versatile hours . In fact, several enforcement officers work as security guards throughout their break day. Having enforcement expertise will are available handy, as security guards need to move with cops, interview witnesses and typically even testify in court.

There area unit some downsides to having a watcher job . It will be dangerous work, particularly for armored automotive guards. The threat of being robbed or worse is only too real for many security guards. this is often why several security guards receive small-arm, close combat and emergency response coaching. Also, in some instances, security guards area unit educated to let petty shoplifters go - a indisputable fact that may not sit well with the law-abiding facet of your temperament.

How much do security guards make?

Surprisingly, armored automotive guards build solely $20,000 a year, despite the fact that their jobs area unit thought of dangerous. On average, medical hospital guards and elementary and lycee guards build the foremost, taking home quite $26,000 a year.

What are the education requirements to be a security guard?

A highschool education is typically most well-liked however not needed if you wish to be a watcher. you will get plenty of on-the-job training, particularly if you are going to be a guard at a atomic energy facility. atomic energy facility guards bear many months of coaching before happening duty, particularly with the redoubled threat of terrorist act. Most alternative guards receive abundant less coaching. despite the fact that a degree isn't needed, completely different watcher jobs still might need specific certifications.

Career ways for security guards

The best thanks to advance as a watcher is to receive further coaching. Those with certifications in fields like recreation security or Associate in Nursing associate's degree in criminal justice typically get paid additional and promoted quicker. The additional you study security, the better it'll be for you to enter management or begin your own security business, a standard alternative for several security guards.

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The future of security guard jobs

Safety and also the threat of terrorist act area unit growing issues for several corporations, and as a result, job prospects look sensible for those of you desperate to become security guards. consistent with the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the quantity of obtainable security jobs can increase quicker than average over following few years. recreation security jobs in casinos can see the biggest jump - however so as to get one amongst these jobs, you are going to own coaching and skill.


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