9 best free apps for small business owners

Are you looking for the best free apps for small business owners? If yes, then please read a short review below. We will discuss and inform you about 9 best apps that you can consider.

The chaotic nature of running alittle business can often make it desire a life-style instead of employment . The mobile age is evolving the workplace; turning our cell phones, a tool we wish to consider as a social tool, into a ball and chain of business that creates it extremely difficult to really leave “the office”.

the sweetness of the fashionable world, however, is that mobile devices can enable business owners to be fully control of their business at any time, in anywhere . These apps promise to form the lifetime of any small business owner much easier as they provide assistance with organization, finance, and on-the-go interactions.

Best free apps for small business owners

best apps for small business owners

1. Evernote: “Remember Everything.” seems like alittle business owner’s fantasy, right? Well pinch yourself, because it’s real. Evernote allows users to store, organize and share anything from text to voice notes so as to stay track of the brilliant ideas you've got . Forbes reported that the app has generated $166 million in funding to continue its growth and helpful features.

2. Bump: A revolutionary business networking app that creates business cards appear as if they're from the Stone Age . Bump allows users to share files, photos, and get in touch with information by simply “bumping” two smartphones together. With 27 million downloads and counting, don’t miss out on an opportunity to vary the way you network forever.

3. Tripit: The chaos of travel is inescapable. You’ve need to stay top of your email, your phone calls and texts, and keep an eye fixed on your finances; how within the world are you alleged to remember when your flight leaves? Tripit allows you to stay track of all of your travel arrangements in one place, to not mention the weather updates, interactive maps, and directions that the app also features.

4. LocalVox: If your business has trouble with the management of online marketing, LocalVox is that the solution you’ve been expecting . This app uses social media, local directories, and email newsletters to enable its users to post news on their events and deals within the upcoming months. Your company’s increased presence on multiple online channels also will accompany a lift in organic searches and listings.

5. Expensify: The tall task that each small business owner is faced with is managing their expenses and using them also as they will . this will become a good harder task once you are expected to try to to this while on the road. Expensify allows its users to stay track of their mileage and expenses by enabling them to upload receipts and submit expense reports from any location.

6. InDinero: Don’t have the time or money to speak with a financial advisor? Don’t worry, InDinero makes maintaining with daily finances easy. Synced together with your bank accounts, the app predicts future income consistent with past trends so as to assist you manage the cash you've got accordingly.*

7. Square: have you ever ever found a possible customer outside of the office, but didn’t have any thanks to accept payment? Square won’t let that happen again because the app allows smartphones and tablets to simply accept mastercard payments. check in is free and there are not any monthly payment, they simply take 2.75% of each transaction.

8. Smartr: As a business owner, you've got plenty of contacts. From personal to professional relationships and even social media followers, keeping track of all of the people in your life are often a nightmare. Smartr connects your address book, Gmail messaging and social media accounts to place all of your contacts into one place. Next time you're trying to find someone’s contact information, it'll be at your fingertips during a matter of seconds.

9. 1Password: Small business owners have many various accounts for several different purposes, and keeping track of the varied passwords that correspond to every account is far easier said than done. 1Password ensures the security and organization of your many passwords.

By entering a master password, it syncs with iCloud or Dropbox to point out all of the entries you've got , including those from a random password generator. The user simply selects their password and copies it to wherever they have it, an easy solution to a nerve-racking dilemma.

About apps for small business owners

Problem solver. Communicator. Financial whiz. Running alittle business involves wearing tons of hats. If you’re looking to extend productivity and organization — or simply make your life as an entrepreneur a touch easier — an honest business app could be just what you would like .

To help you navigate the seemingly endless sea of business apps, we’ve compiled an inventory of our favourite 25 apps and broken them down by category. ask the individual companies for current pricing information.

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