Seezn apk Download Free For Android

Seezn apk Download For Android - (Season)-Have fun!

I see all the fun! Seezn

The latest movies, popular dramas, entertainment, and even professional baseball are essential apps these days.

Over 210 channels of real-time TV such as CJ ENM and JTBC are available!

Free VOD and real-time TV that you can watch just by logging in!
When bored, I play at Seezn.

Seezn apk Download Free For Android

Seezn apk Download Free For Android

For you who like Seezn app for Android, you can download apk file to install it on your smartphone, below the download link:

Seezn apk Download

About Seezn App

And some things you might not have and need to know about the Seezn app, among others, as reviewed below.

A season richer HOME

  • Free charts filled with free content
  • Play hot real-time channels right from your home right now!
  • You can't miss the special pavilion recommended by each season.
  • Plus (+) Various AI recommendations and theme-specific content for me.
  • It's time to meet the new 'home' that has been blowing in the season.

AI curation with different dimensions

  • Honey jam clip to soothe your way to work on Monday morning,
  • Fine dust is bad, on this day, I'm chuckling, and mid series Jung Joo-haeng~
  • Personalized recommendations that analyze my viewing history are also waiting!
  • Every day, various contents for me are waiting.
  • Video and music in one place (feat.Genie Music)
  • A smart season that can play video and music.
  • If you are a member of Gni Music, you can also stream unlimited OST~!
  • No need to find it, the pre-set list of OSTs is a killing point.

Experientially changed search page

  • In addition to the general search, emotional analysis search and scene search were made.
  • A search that reads my facial expressions and recommends content that matches emotions
  • Search for scene scenes by combining three tags
  • From now on, I will tell you the joy of searching.

Artist-specific pages

  • A new character-only page has been opened!
  • I'll turn off the other search bar for a moment.
  • From the work of the work to the history of the award, and a comment from the cheer.
  • You can check all of my favorite artists at a glance.

Season report showing my taste

  • 'Season Report' that analyzes the viewing history of the month!
  • In my season, I can see all my tastes at a glance.

[Seezn's access authority items and reasons for need]

1. Essential access rights

  • Phone permission: Access is required to connect to the customer center (#100) and use the login function through a mobile phone number.
  • Storage permission: Access is required to save the content images (poster, steel cut, etc.) provided by the season and to use the VOD temporary storage function.

2. Selective access

  • Microphone permission: This is required when using the search function through voice recognition.
  • Location authority: Access is required for location-based weather information inquiry and personalized recommendation service suitable for the weather.
  • Camera permission: Camera access is required for emotion analysis through facial recognition, content recommendation service, and profile picture taking.

You can use the service even if you do not agree to allow optional access.

The season was developed to individually agree and set optional access rights for Android 6.0 or later versions. If you are using Android version 6.0 or lower, please check if the terminal device manufacturer provides an operating system upgrade function before proceeding with the upgrade. In addition, even if the operating system is upgraded, the access authority agreed to in the existing app does not change, so to reset the access authority, reset it in the terminal settings menu.

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