Security Guard Requirements in Michigan

Its different than a few states in the U.S, in Michigan, the unarmed security guard does't required to be licensed. The company that hires you needs to hold the license and can hire unarmed security guards that are not licensed. However, there are some basic criteria that the state requires.

Read these:

Some basic requirements for unarmed security guard in Michigan

  • You must be at least 18 year old
  • You must be a U.S citizen or registered resident alien
  • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • May be required to submit to drug testing (This is not required by the state but may be required by the hiring agency)
  • Successfully pass a background check

Other Requirements that May Be Helpful

  • You must have a driver’s License
  • You must be good physical conditioning
  • You have to be able to stand long periods of time
  • Good Communication skills
  • Training Curriculum

If training from the company is provided or required, a basic training conducted may include but is not limited to the following explain:

  • Role of Private Security
  • Patrol and Observation
  • Legal Aspects
  • Incident Response
  • Customer Service Issues: Working with and addressing the public
  • Security Resources: Surveillance operation and documentation
  • First Aid Overview

Security Guard Requirements in Michigan

For a list of frequently asked questions about security guard requirements in Michigan, you can check it here.

For some additionally information including information about fingerprint scans, that's required for your background check, please check Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. You can also make a call to 517 241 8205.

Last words, congrats to you. Hope you can be a security guard in Michigan as you wish to!

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